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We'll take the burden of finding a car from you! You can bid on hundreds of used cars in one place, whether it's a car, van or truck. And you can sit back and relax during the auction, as every vehicle is checked by an expert before being listed. Accurate vehicle descriptions are accompanied by a photo gallery, where every detail and possible aesthetic flaw is recorded. We also provide the possibility to review damage reports, inspection reports previously carried out by an external expert.

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Check out our auctions is a car wholesale site debuting in Hungary for the first time


If you want to sell your company car, but don't know how, to whom, for how much, we can help! We take the burden of the sale from your shoulders, yet you still get the highest price for your car!

One of the most important aspects of running a business is to be as cost-effective as possible, and one of the most important factors in this is the total cost of ownership of your vehicle. This cost is influenced by the purchase price, service, tyre and parts costs, fuel consumption and finally the selling price. Buying and maintaining is typically done at a dealership, but what about selling?

We can sell your car for the highest price in just a few days! provides the most advanced sales solution available, we make the most effective tools for selling your car available in one place to give you the best possible support to ensure your success.

Free registration for dealers! Vehicles advertised on are offered exclusively to car dealers, ensuring a competitive price level for our partners. is constantly expanding its client base, which typically includes fleet managers, medium and large companies, public organisations, rental car companies, leasing companies, etc.

Our cars are subject to a detailed external and internal condition check by a certified quality control organisation upon receipt, which documentation is fully available to our partners at the start of the auction, making online auctioning risk-free.

Whether you're selling or buying a car, you'll find a fully secure selling platform where there's no risk, condition and payment are guaranteed, easy and traceable.

Whatever the brand, you're sure to find it here! Most brands in one place, at one time: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Skoda, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen, Opel, Suzuki, Ford, Lexus or Volvo, as well as other brands are all available.

Selling on has many advantages for fleet managers and companies. We guarantee that your car will be sold at the highest possible price, and that you will receive your car in the shortest possible time.

Our revolutionary new sales platform in Hungary is not only operationally ground-breaking, but also takes the car buying and selling process to a new level. In addition to providing detailed and accurate information on cars, our online trading platform can be used to exchange company fleets and increase the inventory base.

You can also choose our car delivery service throughout the country, whether it's to our premises or to a dealer.

As a seller, our car wholesale site helps you reach our authorised resellers, and as a buyer, it connects you with fleet managers, public organisations and businesses.

Selling and buying a car has never been easier. Online bidding is an exciting solution for both dealers and individuals, as well as a useful business tool for users. Auctions

On, we distinguish between three types of auctions: cars owned by our dealership are auctioned off in addition to being sold in person, so the highest bidder gets the car.

In a customer auction, the car is owned by a third party. If the customer receives a bid for the car they want to sell, they have 72 hours to accept it if the price matches their expectation. The third option is to offer cars that have already participated in the auction but have not been sold to our registered customers for immediate purchase at a fixed price.

In our online auctions, we use auction technology where our customers first set a price below which they would not sell their cars. In addition, the highest bid received earlier is shown for each car.

You also have the option of using our car delivery service. Have you managed to buy or sell a car in the auction but don't have someone to deliver it? We have a solution for you: our tow trucks will deliver your car anywhere in the country. Buying or selling a car has never been easier! Trust us with your car, register with us now!